About Katie

NEW-KATIE-PICKatie Hart Teixeira loves to sing from her heart! She allowed herself to develop her many musical gifts in the context of conservatory education and traveled around the globe singing with opera companies and orchestra. These experiences gave her the opportunity to refine her musical talents. At the same time, her interest in yoga and metaphysics combined with a desire to live an authentic life refined her awareness of her heart’s message of unconditional love. Aligning herself with her heart’s message and entwining that message with her classical musical training is her passion. With the intention of her heart and through original composition born of this intention, Katie now magnifies soulful resonance in all who listen to her music.

Voice of Presence, the domain name, is a name used to describe Katie’s voice. Throughout her life she has known that her vocal grace is supported by her own divine essence. She felt a pull from early on to express the love of the divine through her music and in 1997, after a photo of her singing landed on the front page of the newspaper,  Katie felt an accelerated longing to express her music from the deepest level of her authenticity. She began a heartfelt and intuitive journey through experiences and learning that further confirmed her focus: allowing her voice and music to transmit the sound of source.

Descriptions of Katie’s vocals include: In the silence of her studio recording space, Katie is quieting her mind and tuning into her heart, the voice of her soul. When she feels an alignment with the message she is bringing forth through music, she takes a breath and, moment to moment, allows subtle feelings to guide her movements on the keyboard and through her voice all in resonance with the timeless present. The result is composition that brings forth the essence of truth that is experienced as unique for each individual that listens.

“Like going to the spa for my soul”  DiAnn W., Michigan

Be blessed and harmonized by the offerings here: purchase a song or CD and enter into the “uplifting” and “amazingly beautiful” tones offered by Katie’s vocals. Bathe in the presence of your essence with a personalized Sound Portrait – a private concert for your soul, sung with Katie’s engaging soul voice and written solely for you – or commission Katie for sacred words set to music for your special occasion.

Testimonials for Katie Hart Teixeira’s music: “Your composition and singing has been a soothing and delightful experience for me during these stressful times. What a lovely surprise to hear your own language  to accompany the piece.Thank you! You are a blessing!”

“Thank you so much for the Sound Portrait – it brought tears to my eyes when I first started listening to it……. about 16 minutes in, there is the most beautiful high note… a lovely and moving piece… thanks so much for your time and energy put into this!”

“Katie, it is amazingly beautiful, mystical, uplifting, emoting and so you!”

More Reviews for Katie Hart Teixeira: “…Kathryn Hart as Donna Anna showed exceptional acting and vocal ability while the excellent recitative was pronounced in an almost perfect Italian…” – Opera Now, November-December, 2001

“The ill-fated Mimi was sung by Kathryn Hart, who posesses a lovely soprano voice. Her “mi chiamano Mimi” had me in tears long before the plot called for it.” – Springfield, Illinois

“Despite her supporting role, Kathryn Hart, as the peasant girl Gianetta, is difficult to take your eyes off of. She has a luminous stage presence… and her vocal interpretation is exquisite.” – Ann Arbor Daily News